Special Purpose

Agreed Upon Procedures: Popularly known as AUPs, these are assignments undertaken on behalf of the Management and can include Preparation of Policies and Manuals for various business functions, Setting up of MIS and control systems, Verification of Business Assets (such as Stock, Fixed Assets), Preparation of Fixed Assets Register(FAR) etc.

Due Diligence Audit: In the event of merger, acquisition or partial investment, we undertake a comprehensive Accounting and Financial Review of the target business to help you ascertain the whether the books of accounts reflect the true financial picture.

Compliance Audit: Under a Compliance Audit we undertake a complete review of your statutory compliances under Direct and Indirect taxes including Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Profession Tax, Central Excise, Customs, etc.
Post the audit, we will provide you a comprehensive report on the status of the compliance and suggest corrective actions as required. In addition to that we also provide you solutions aimed at minimising the risk of non-compliance

Special Investigation Audit: Whenever you need to unearth any fraud or financial impropriety existing in the organisation, we conduct a Special Investigation Audit and suggest remedial measures as demanded by the circumstances.